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The heart melteth

God’s adversaries in Nineveh are being judged in Nahum 2:10. Their hearts melt with fear. This audio devotional describes the consequences of their rebellion.

The day of trouble

The day of trouble comes for everyone. When it does, God is our strong hold. This is the theme of our Nahum 1:7 audio devotional on trusting our good God.

The Lord hath his way

Nahum draws a picture of God in this pronouncement of judgement against Nineveh. Our Nahum 1:3 audio devotional reveals a God who is patient and powerful.

Life is in his Son

The popular teaching of the world about eternal life is wrong. In this I John 5:11-12 audio devotional, we learn that eternal life is in Jesus Christ alone.

If a man say

This I John 4:20 audio devotional tells us we can claim to love God, while exactly the opposite is true. If we say we love God, we must love our brothers.

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