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To every creature

The great commission for every disciple of Christ is to preach the gospel to every creature. That command is presented in this Mark 16:15 audio devotional.

The first commandment

Jesus answers a question about the first commandment in Mark 12:30-31. We discuss the first and second and why they are no burden in this audio devotional.

No more twain

Male and female and our connection through marriage are discussed in this audio devotional. Jesus is answering a question about divorce in Mark 10:6-8.

He began to teach them

Jesus reveals, in Mark 8:31, that He will be killed and raise from the dead. As this audio devotional explains, His disciples struggled with understanding.

And were filled

Jesus took a small lunch and made it a very big lunch in Mark 6:41-42. We explain Jesus’ habit of delivering more than we expect in this audio devotional.

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