90-second messages highlighting Biblical principles and pointing listeners to Jesus Christ

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All they that wait

Our Lord is a God of judgement, according to Isaiah 30:18. This audio devotional explains His grace and mercy toward those who will wait on Him.

In perfect peace

God gives peace to those who trust in Him. As we struggle to carry the heavy loads of life, this audio devotional from Isaiah 26:3-4 points us to the Lord.

The Lord hath spoken

The future is secure for those who embrace the Messiah, Jesus. This Isaiah 25:8 audio devotional describes these matters on which the Lord has spoken.

I will ascend

Lucifer, son of the morning, sought to be like the most High. This audio devotional from Isaiah 14:13-14 explains the pride and emptiness of this desire.

God is my salvation

Isaiah 12:2 makes it clear that God is our salvation. Men who trust in Him, according to this audio devotional, may have courage in this world of danger.

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